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About Us

The Nursery school Piccoli Talenti, located in Talenti district, in ​​895 Nomentana Street in Rome, was conceived with the idea of ​​creating a multi-purpose structure that combines education and leisure for children and families.

The role and function of educational structures are today at the center of an extremely rich and varied debate in the indications of the training aims, of the psycho-pedagogical strategies, of the organizational and managerial solutions.

The educational structure is an environment of relationships, the starting point of a long road, of intellectual and socializing growth. In fact, it guarantees the development of the child in its entirety in what we could call “psycho-physical and socio-affective globality”.

The Nest, as we understand it, must promote integration and the social dimension.

All children have the right to grow in an atmosphere of equality and equal opportunities even in the presence of disabilities. The specificity of each is the object of attention and the original cultural heritage of each family is understood as an important element of individual identity to foster a good educational and training alliance.

Our Spirit

Chi siamo Asilo Nido Piccoli TalentiAs an educational base, we will naturally use the game, intended as an enhancement of the specific characteristics that belong to the child: curiosity, wonder, wonder, exploration and much more.

The theme of environmental and civic education will accompany our days; the careful study of the spaces, the layout of the rooms, will allow us to contextualize the pedagogical proposals even more.

How do children see the world? What do they think is right or wrong? Children’s thoughts are simple and in their simplicity often effective and valid. Giving children “voice” translates into sharing feelings, perception and ideas; Facilitate social development, promote a sense of respect and common living.

The Nursery school Piccoli Talenti Staff is waiting to get to know you and to present you the structure and your educational project. Come and discover our English by playing!

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